Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tonight's Trail Run

I did 3 miles of barefoot run/walk intervals tonight on the trails. Then I grabbed my camera from the car and went back for a 1.5 mile barefoot hike to get some photos on the trails. This is my 3rd run since recovering from tendonitis (TOFP) and my foot is still feeling good. Keep thinking those good thoughts for me!

The path leading up to one of my favorite trails.

The sun setting behind the trees.

My first thought is, "OK, then I'll run, instead." The sign might as well say, "I dare you!" Don't ya think?

I saw a baby snake here when I went running through the first pass. I was hoping he'd still be around when I came back with the camera, but he had moved on.

I found this guy, instead. He was moving along at a pretty good clip. I guess he didn't give much heed to the sign, either.

Oh, look! A puddle. Only one thing to do...


The smooth river rocks by the boat house are always a nice place for a cool down walk after a run.

I like to wrap my feet around the rocks. It's very soothing.

Time to kick back on the boat house deck and watch the sunset.

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