Saturday, September 15, 2012

Market Day!

It's Saturday -- Market Day!  My favorite day of the week.
I started my morning with a whole milk latte and then I was off to the farmers' market to do my weekly food shopping.  Today's purchases included grass-fed rump roast, sweet Italian sausage (pasture-raised pork), fresh eggs, baby ginger, garlic, basil, cherry tomatoes, tatsoi, greenhouse lettuce, carrots, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, multi-colored bell peppers and some cut flowers to brighten up the home.

I recently came across a recipe at Everyday Paleo for Sweet Potato Latkes and I can't wait to give it a try.  I had that in mind when I picked out the sweet potatoes and eggs.

After putting away the morning's purchases I finally sat down to my first meal of the day.  I suppose you can call it brunch since it was already 11am.  For the kids the meal was an early lunch before heading out to my daughter's noon softball game.  I had a market salad topped with a couple of smoked drumsticks that we ordered to-go yesterday while we were visiting The Humble Pig

(Whole milk latte earlier this morning)
Big market salad (lettuce, basil, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, olive-oil based vinaigrette)
Two smoked chicken drumsticks

My daughter's softball game went very well.  It was her first ever game.  She did well and her team won 20-1!  By the time we got home the kids and I were all hungry again.  I made sandwiches and lettuce wraps as a snack / late lunch for everyone.
Lettuce wraps (leaf lettuce, Munster cheese, avocado, crumbled breakfast sausage (left over from Thursday), Fra' Mani Rosemary ham, shredded carrots)

Later in the afternoon I went out for a run (barefoot, as usual).  I needed to keep it short today so I did a few sprint intervals.  According to the Garmin, the total distance was only about 2 miles, but I worked hard and had fun!

2 mile sprint intervals (barefoot)

After the run I cooked dinner.  I fried up the sweet Italian sausage that I bought today at the market from Coon Rock Farm (love those folks!) along with some of the bell peppers.  I had some raw spinach in the fridge from last week.  I picked out the best leaves to serve the kids in a spinach salad (they will only eat their spinach raw) and I sauteed the rest in the sausage fat.  I served it all up with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.
I sprinkled some Garlic Gold Sea Salt Nuggets over the cooked spinach just before serving.  If you don't have Garlic Gold nuggets on hand, go get some right away!  They're crunchy, garlicky, yummy!  Perfect to top sauteed veggies, salads, or a steak!  I love 'em!  (Wish they paid me to say that, but they didn't.)

Italian Sausage with peppers
Sauteed spinach with crunchy garlic nuggets
Cabernet Sauvignon

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