Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just a Sunday

My day started before 6am today. That's when my 6 year old son climbed into my bed and asked if it was time to go, yet. "Ahhhh, no son, go back to sleep." But he'd have none of that. There were plans to meet with his school friend for breakfast and a fun morning at the park, so sleep was now out of the question. I was able to put him off long enough to get about 15 more minutes of rest then I was up loading his bike in the car and getting ready to go.

The plan was to meet his friend and friend's mom at our local bakery for breakfast at 8am.
If you think a bakery sounds like a poor choice for a Primal breakfast, you might be right. But this is LaFarm bakery (I mentioned them yesterday) and the siren song of their amazing lattes calls to me. Besides, they also serve wonderful omelets that fit well within the Primal Blueprint.

We arrived a bit early and our food got to our table before our guests,
but we trusted that they'd forgive us for starting without them. Evan had already been awake 2 hours and was hungry for breakfast. As you can tell, Evan is NOT following the Primal Blueprint diet since French Toast with maple syrup doesn't fit in the plan. We've been slowly reducing the carbs in the kids' diets, but they're not yet fully on board and restaurant breakfasts will likely be the last place the carbs get cut. In any case, my omelet was fabulous and the latte was outstanding as usual.

3 egg cheddar omelet topped with tomatoes, avocado and prosciutto
Small side of fruit
Small whole milk latte

The morning was spent on foot chasing two 6-year-old boys on bikes. Evan's friend learned how to ride his 2 wheeler during our morning outing, so there was a lot of stop and go. He did great! Evan, who recently learned to ride his 2 wheeler, would ride out and back while the rest of us slowly made our way along the paths. I covered around 2 miles on foot (barefoot, of course).

Early in the afternoon I spent about 20 minutes in the home gym working on the Essential 5 Moves from the Primal Fitness ebook (free download available). The routine is to do 2 sets of pull-ups, push-ups, squats, overhead presses and plank -- each exercise done to exhaustion. There are progressive levels for each exercise so you're always working hard and the routine only takes about 20 minutes, whether you're a beginner or an athlete.

I had a refreshing glass of coconut water after my workout and then finally got around to lunch at 2:30 pm. (That omelet was very filling this morning.)

Big salad made with mixed baby lettuce, purslane, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, green onions, purple pepper, local semi-ripened cheese, dressed with balsamic vinaigrette and topped with leftover bratwurst. Served with sparkling water.

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